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With Heart

Specialized Services and Professional Education

to promote Children's Social Emotional Health


DIR®/ Parent Coaching

Yoga / Mindfullness

Professional Development

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Therapeutic approach aimed at fostering the social emotional health of children with special needs through the power of connection.  The research backed tools of DIRFloortime®/ play, sensory integration, yoga and mindfulness will be used to help a child to connect to themselves and to others.  Social emotional challenges do not only hinder a child’s growth and development but also impact the entire family.  Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), learning disabilities and ADHD are especially vulnerable to these difficulties.


The We instead of Me (WIM) approach is different because the emphasis is not only on serving children but helping the adults that care for these children.  Many of the behavioral challenges that we see are rooted in our own disconnection.   When we work on connecting to ourselves, being present and creating safe spaces, children flourish with much more ease and joy.  Caregiver and teacher coaching is integral to the WIM approach.  

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